Flight of the Resolution

Dedicated to the memory of the passengers on board BPCA Resolution that crashed in the hills above Half Moon Bay

Thursday October 29th, 1953 was to unfold as a significant day in the aviation history of San Mateo County, home of the busy San Francisco International Airport. Unfortunately it was to be a day of tragedy. A British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines DC6, on the last leg of a trans-pacific flight, made a fatal navigational error and crashed into the coastal hills near Kings Mountain. This event remains the worst aviation crash in San Mateo County and took 19 lives, 11 passengers and 8 crew.

Although more than 50 years have passed since this tragic event, no memorial or commemorative display had been erected to hold it in the public's remembrance. Our goal was to provide the effort and funds for a memorial exhibit. With assistance from the Native Sons of the Golden West, an organization dedicated to the preservation of California history, and the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space Distirct a commemorative plaque was dedicated June 27th, 200
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Fifty six years later, the Flight of the Resolution comes to her final rest at a peaceful and reflective clearing amid the tranquil beauty of soaring redwoods. (z)

Our quest continues and we are asking anyone who is interested to contact us. Our committee is on the look out for anyone who may contribute to the historical story that unfolds, either through first hand knowledge, any past artifacts and photos, or leads that would help us complete the the fitting tribute to the passengers and crew. We also welcome financial contributions to help make our project a reality.

Please explore away, and we welcome comments and feedback at contact@flightoftheresolution

We have provided some BCPA marketing materials for you to browse and get a sense of air travel in the 50s, as we were leaving the prop era of discovery and flying into the jet age of mass transport. Take yourself back and imagine the prospect and thrill of covering a wide ocean, with multiple stopovers and days not hours to journey to the West Coast of the United States. The roar and rumble of the big engines and views out of your window miles above the earth were special then. So climb on board and emerse yourself in a tale of the past and one of fate.